We all know a great golf game is just as much about your head-game as it is about your swing game. With yoga, we've got both covered! Bring this workshop to your golf course, yoga studio or home & watch it work wonders on the course.

Since golfers swing from one side of the body, there is asymmetry. Overtime this repetitive motion result in larger muscles on one side of a body. These stronger muscles are also tighter which restrict the free movement of surrounding muscles, ultimately leading to limited range of motion. Yoga can help restore balance to the body, opening up the dominant side and developing strength on the non-dominant side. A balanced body means a symmetrical swing. This not not only means more accuracy and distance, but less strain on the body. 

The second component to improve your game is the mental game, getting you out of your head, focused on your breath, body and the stroke ahead of you. 



  • Develop the mental discipline that golf demands

  • Improve clarity, focus, calm and analytical skills

  • Improve range of motion to improve swing

  • Develop body awareness, breath awareness

  • Improve core, balance &  control

  • Develop strength and flexibility

  • Reduce injury, improve stamina 


  • Workshops are 2.5 hours inn length and include the 60-75 minute yoga session plus mini-lecture and lesson on poses and exercises to take home & continue your yoga practice. Hand-outs included. 

  • Yoga For Golf (no lecture) will be 60-75 mins in length and include customized yoga session for golfers which includes a 10 minute meditation & pranayama. 

Rates will vary depending on a number of factors including group size, location, time & frequency of sessions;

  • One-time 2.5 hour workshop with yoga, mini-lecture & take-home exercises/poses

  • One-time yoga session 60 min

  • Regular weekly, bi-weekly, monthly 60 min sessions

We are here to help make this easy on you! Get in touch with us & we'll help you figure out the best plan for your group/club

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