We are a mobile yoga service, conveniently delivering yoga to your doorstep on your schedule. We believe that wellness is not one-size fits all, so personalisation is our promise. We provide Toronto & the GTA with customized yoga services including  in-home yoga, workplace wellness, yoga for athletes and yoga for special events. 

Founded on the principles of authenticity and accessibility, we've made it our goal to provide the highest quality individualized yoga sessions in the industry. We have the knowledge to teach you, the expertise to guide you, and the passion to drive you. We strive to inspire growth and build personal connection with all our clients. 


I have been practicing yoga since 2013 and became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2016. I spent the following two years teaching yoga privately and in-studio, working around my job as a dental hygienist. In 2018 I made the decision to dedicate myself full-time to my true passion and thus Illuminate Yoga was born.  I believe that I am always a student, so I pride myself on constantly deepening my knowledge through continuing education to better serve my clients. I am a Certified JOGA Coach and also hold certificates in Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Anxiety, Hot-Stone Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga. 

My yoga practice is fundamental in my ability to overcome struggles with mental illness. I truly credit my health, wellness and strength to my self-awareness and  growth on the mat. The changes  that I experienced through my practice are what drove me to become a Yoga Teacher, and the changes I continue to experience daily are what continue to drive me to share it's benefits with everyone I can. 

In my work life, personal life and online presence I am an advocate for mental health awareness. I will always strive to foster a judgement-free environment and build professional relationships with my clients that are compassionate, encouraging and authentic. I hope that by personalizing sessions and improving accessibility to sessions that I may be able reach those who otherwise may not have ever found their way to yoga and all the amazing benefits it has to offer. 

My name is Sammantha and I'm the founder of Illuminate Yoga. When I first started yoga I had no idea how much it would change me - my whole world changed. Of course, the world around me didn't actually change, but the world inside my head changed and voila - so did the world outside it. Don't be fooled by the word 'voila' as it did not happen overnight, but with each day, through each practice, each movement and each breath I became someone new - the me that I was always meant to be. 



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