Forget everything you think you know about yoga and get ready to change the game with JOGA - yoga for jocks. Used by professional athletes and sports teams around the globe, you too can gain that competitive edge. Improve focus, enhance performance and speed recovery with JOGA, a program specifically designed for the athlete's body and mindset. 



We offer  one-on-one, small group or team training at your home, gym or training facility. With experience working with elite and professional athletes of all ages, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

Enjoy the luxury of on-site sessions on your schedule, our mobile service travels to you or your team wherever you are to save you time and fit training in wherever and whenever needed. 



  • Breath training (improved breath volume means better endurance, optimizing performance and less time needed to catch your breath between shifts)

  • Relaxation nervous system activation (calm mind and body equals better focus, concentration and performance)

  • Meditation For Athletes (ie. short mindfulness/meditation for athletes. Age specific athletic training to help get in the zone during high stress games/situations)

  • Proprioception and balance training (leading to more efficient deceleration and changes in direction, improved form and better performance)

  • Core strengthening (teaching core activation in specific postures creating muscle memory to help the body operate with lower effort and higher efficiency)  

  • Peripheral vision training (better awareness, quicker reaction time, injury prevention)

  • Joint mobility and stability exercises (better range of motion, safer joints, improved agility, injury prevention)

  • Targeted muscle strengthening (help pick up slack on overcompensating muscles, improving performance and helping reduce injury)

  • Sport specific muscle stretching (instead of long drawn out holds in stretches which can compromise joints and result in less explosivity muscles, we'll use a combination of dynamic and static stretching to help improve mobility and muscle recovery)

  • Thoracic-spine mobility  (the T-spine located in the upper back is responsible for helping you take a slap shot, turn to catch a football, reach to dunk a basket. T-spine mobility equals better performance)


Certified Yoga Instructor and JOGA Coach, Illuminate Yoga has been the lead yoga coach for S.P.E.E.D Hockey Devleopment and Crease Goaltending Academy's High Performance School Program from 3 years running. Outside of the school year, we run the strecth & recovery program for S.P.E.E.D and Crease's summer camps. We also worked with Etobicoke Thunder Basketball, Light's Out Skating Academy, members of the Team Canada Long Drive Team and numerous athletes of all levels. 

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